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As a B2B digital marketing agency, we strive to deliver valuable and actionable information to our clients. Below, you’ll find our latest White Papers featuring B2B lead generation strategies, insightful trends and analysis, and best-practice recommendations from our top subject matter experts in digital marketing. Please feel free to access these valuable resources at your convenience by following the designated links.

Designing for Mobile: 10 Ways a Mobile Site is Different From a Full Website

Web site design principles and best practices are becoming well known these days. It is common knowledge among interaction designers and usability professionals that page progress status should be easily visible, controls should be consistently designed, errors should be prevented from happening and if errors do occur, guidance needs to be provided. When it comes to the mobile platform, we believe basic principles applicable to the web should still be applicable to the new platform; however, the design of mobile sites is still in an infant stage.

In this whitepaper, we've analyzed mobile and full websites across several verticals, including; airlines, eCommerce, social network and entertainment, and travel-related sites, and identified 10 ways that a mobile site should be different from full web sites.

Top 10 UX Problems to Avoid

Often times, simple elements and usability principals are often overlooked or forgotten when going through a website redesign. This occurs because a website is not designed in a vacuum with one individual owning all aspects of the website.

This whitepaper offers insightful advice on the top 10 usability problems to avoid.

Leveraging Analytics for Site Performance

The ability to track online efforts through a solid analytics platform has become essential for businesses today. With all the data available, marketers are better able to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, the acceptance of their messaging with visitors, and the return on investment of specific marketing initiatives. However, what most businesses don’t realize, is how to leverage that data to continue to improve their online performance.

This featured whitepaper offers insightful advice on various ways to take your learnings from analytics data and translate them into tactical improvements through online website testing.

The Great Marketing Opportunity

In today's economy, businesses are striving to be more efficient with marketing dollars. This featured whitepaper offers insightful advice on how to infuse online strategy into your current initiatives and optimize your overall marketing efforts.

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