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As a B2B digital marketing agency, we strive to deliver valuable and actionable information to our clients. Below, you’ll find our latest White Papers featuring B2B lead generation strategies, insightful trends and analysis, and best-practice recommendations from our top subject matter experts in digital marketing. Please feel free to access these valuable resources at your convenience by following the designated links.

Invent to Survive

Research was conducted by the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) and BusinessOnline, surveying more than 100 global marketing leaders. The findings demonstrate an immense opportunity for growth in digital marketing for manufacturing companies. Use this guide to learn more!

E-BOOK: The Company Buying Journey

The New Approach to B2B Digital Marketing – The Company Buying Journey. The Company Buying Journey (the CBJ) focuses on a company as the customer rather than an Individual. This new approach will help you forge stronger relationships with your customers by meeting their needs throughout each phase of their journey.

Data-driven B2B Lead Generation

How to Create a Data-Driven Lead Generation Approach That Delivers Revenue. Advances in B2B lead generation have taken form in a new data-driven approach, leaving the funnel-like process behind. This White Paper takes a look at how data and analytics can transform into value at each phase of the company buying journey; helping to catalyze a marketer’s lead generation efforts.

Is Your Company Social?

People have millions of online conversations every day, many of which make mention of products and services. With the advent of free (easily accessible) tools for rapidly sharing media and the rise of social media as a mechanism for creating and sustaining online conversations many users naturally talk about brands, products and services. This makes your brand social by default because people are already talking about you; reaching out to though many times brands refuse to converse back.

Social Media offer you a means to communicate with users in a way that traditional media fail to provide. These new communication tools are powerful means of engaging key constituents in a very interactive online universe. Your consumers are socializing around brands, products and services. Is your brand socializing back?

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