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Remote Sales: Succeed in Sales No Matter Where You Are

There has been an obvious and much-needed shift to remote sales over the last few months, and many industries are feeling the ramifications of losing the ability to continue outside sales tactics. Unfortunately, remote work is just our reality now and could be for the unseeable future. Even when states begin to open back up, our lives before covid-19 may never fully come back. Most of you have figured out […]

A Human Perspective on Google’s May 2020 Core Update

On Monday, May 4, 2020 Google announced its second algorithm update of the year. Outside of their daily tweaks to the system to try and improve Organic search results, Google releases these ‘core updates’ a few times annually. The last core update Google released came in January 2020 - a time that may seem distant to many with the world looking very different than it does today.

Structured Data: Why Schema Markup is the #1 SEO Priority for 2020

If there is one SEO effort you need to focus on this year, it should be structured data. It’s no secret that Google loves scraping site data to create new search features. The rise of SERP features this year including local packs, FAQ drop-downs and answer boxes are a telltale sign. Implementing structured data will not only get you featured in these areas often placed above top rankings, but also improve overall site rankings through quicker site crawling. To help you stay ahead, here are a few tips on how to implement a structured data strategy.

A 2020 Guide to Google Display Ad Sizes

Google Ads recently updated Expanded Text Ads to include a 3rd Headline and a 2nd Description line. In addition, the character counts for the Description lines have been increased from 80 to 90. These changes nearly double the maximum characters available for a text ad across the ad fields.

How to Sustain Confidence in Digital Marketing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you’re anything like me, it has taken the last three full weeks for reality to set in. The reality that our “new normal”, as everyone seems to be calling, is one that revolves around kitchen table conference calls, walks around the house, and figuring out how to temper the amount of news I take in daily to keep my spirits high.

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