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A 2020 Guide to Google Display Ad Sizes

Google Ads recently updated Expanded Text Ads to include a 3rd Headline and a 2nd Description line. In addition, the character counts for the Description lines have been increased from 80 to 90. These changes nearly double the maximum characters available for a text ad across the ad fields.

BusinessOnline Named a Top Digital Marketing & SEO Company in Boston!

BusinessOnline isn’t your typical digital marketing agency. With offices in San Diego and Boston, we serve clients from around the world, helping them gain the insights they need about their specific industries to take their companies to the next level. We leverage data and our industry expertise to help clients avoid common mistakes with their marketing strategies while refining their digital presence.

What is the Google Chrome Ad Blocker and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

On February 15th, Google took a huge step in moving towards a world without obnoxious ads by enabling its built-in ad blocker for Chrome. We received many questions from clients about the impact of this technology around the time of its launch, and we felt like we should shed some light on the situation now that the dust has settled. When the ad blocker was first announced, many companies assumed […]

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