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Aligning Data Analytics and Storytelling for Business Leaders

B2B Marketers face many challenges in fulfilling the company’s business objectives, and on average an overwhelming 68% of projects do not use data analytics to drive strategic decisions. With those companies that make data-driven decisions yielding higher revenue overall—2/3 of companies report revenue growth of at least 15%--a focus on implementing a data reporting system is crucial for fully optimizing B2B marketing efforts.

Everything you need to know about Account Based Marketing:  A B2B Marketers Guide to Reaching High-Value Targets

B2B marketers are regularly tasked with delivering new leads to sales. Increasingly, those leads also need to have a new higher standard of quality. Traditional approaches to marketing have focused on volume and reach – which doesn’t always translate into high-value sales or a fast-moving funnel.

Account Based Marketing (or ABM) takes a different approach and focuses on a targeted group of prospects and accounts that are smaller, but often much higher in value. In fact, ITSMA data states that 97% of marketers report ABM approaches had a somewhat or much higher ROI than other initiatives, and 84% said ABM provided significant benefits to retaining and expanding client relationships.

Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI

The technology industry is ever-changing with pressure to produce business results and stay relevant with engaging content. The challenge is finding out what works best and scaling that to do less, better. Download this paper to review the findings of insightful LinkedIn research on marketing in the B2B space, and 1:1 conversations with senior B2B technology and software marketers from respected brands to uncover how today's top technology organizations are breaking old habits and embracing a new marketing approach. Learn how these brands are boldly focusing on doing less to achieve more. In this paper, we drill down into specifics of what sets apart today's leading technology marketers.

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