As manufacturers and digital marketing progress, the key to generating meaningful, measurable and sustainable results is in creating a “digital marketing symphony”. All the pieces must come together and work together.


The overall goal was to utilize analytics to identify, solve, and gain insight into core business questions. This included:

  • External
    • Low market awareness of Robotic Welding Automation
    • Market misconception that welding automation is for large companies
  • Internal
    • Reluctance to invest in digital marketing without proof of concept
    • Disconnected CRM/digital efforts made lead nurturing a challenge


The Campaign:

  1. Define Market Opportunity: Key Pain Points + Misperceptions = Opportunity
    • A broken labor pipeline exists due to a shortage of skilled welders. Robotic solutions help solve this breakage.
    • Robotic solutions are perceived as complex, costly and for large manufacturing only. Robotic solutions work for all size businesses.
  2. Identify Target Personas: Two key personas have influence on buying decision. Focus on building trust through relevant education.
    • President: Must grow revenue and manage costs
    • Project Engineer: Must address broken labor pipeline for skilled welders
  3. Create Relevant Messaging Strategy: Provide myth-busting education
    • Myth vs. Truth
  4. Select Marketing Assets, Channels, Analytics
    • Channels: Microsite, social, paid search, display ads, LinkedIn, retargeting, organic search, lead nurturing (lead process automation, logic, lead scoring)
    • Analytics: cover all channels using Google Analytics, Tableau, Hubspot
  5. Launch
    • This campaign pilot took a handful of months to design and get to launch. The results stand as proof of what an integrated digital marketing approach can do. Most importantly, it is crucial for manufacturers to get started and launch.


Lincoln Electric’s Myth vs. Truth campaign is a perfect example of comprehensive, integrated planning that translated into a harmonious launch and execution. In four short months, the campaign achieved millions of net new opportunities and has generated deals that are ready to close:

  • 500+ Leads
  • 300+ Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • 20+ Sales Accepted Leads (SALs)
  • 10+ Sales Qualified Leads (quotes)