Kwikset, an established leader in residential security, manufacturers and markets a complete line of door locks and door hardware. While Kwikset’s name has long enjoyed high awareness with homeowners and the construction trade, the brand’s online organic and paid search presence was low. At the same time, key brand search queries yielded highly visible negative sentiments and a lack of content marketing assets presented another challenge.


Kwikset’s many challenges indicated that a multi-channel strategy was needed to give the brand a measurable digital presence at every point in the buyer’s journey–from exploration to evaluation to purchase to experience.


  • Build and maintain the brand’s footprint – specifically within Search Engine Results Pages
  • Counter negative sentiments
  • Create opportunities to engage across the buying journey


The three-part solution to reclaim brand space and position the Kwikset brand and products in a positive light included:

  • Content and campaign creation:
    • We focused on growing the brand voice and relevance with messages videos, articles, testimonials and FAQs that spoked to key topics such as security for primary and vacation residences, and locksmith competition.
    • To position Kwikset as a thought leader in the category, we launched a branded security blog and promoted it via social syndication.
  • Multi-channel tactical execution to achieve short- and long-term goals:
    • Organic Search
    • Paid Search
    • Video Advertising
    • Remarketing
    • Social Syndication
  • Analytics
    • We implemented analytics configuration to provide insights from all tactics across the entire holding company of brands that would enable fine-tuning of future campaigns and initiatives.


As a result of our multi-channel digital marketing strategy, Kwikset realized significant improvements against the stated goals:

  • 16% increase in targeted (negative-impact) keyword rankings YOY
  • 140% increase in organic site visits from the start of engagement, traffic valued at $215,000
  • 32% increase in overall site visits YOY
  • Share of voice in targeted keyword queries grew from 17% to 20%
  • 905% increase in paid search impressions
  • 4,350% increase in website conversions resulting from paid search
  • Over 400,000 video views of the primary campaign video
  • Displaced ALL negative sentiment from page 1 Google SERPs for the brand query “Kwikset” in month 18 of engagement