Everything you need to know about Account Based Marketing: A B2B Marketers Guide to Reaching High-Value Targets

B2B marketers are regularly tasked with delivering new leads to sales.  Increasingly, those leads also need to have a new higher standard of quality.  Traditional approaches to marketing have focused on volume and reach – which doesn’t always translate into high-value sales or a fast-moving funnel.

Account Based Marketing (or ABM) takes a different approach and focuses on a targeted group of prospects and accounts that are smaller, but often much higher in value.  In fact, ITSMA data states that 97% of marketers report ABM approaches had a somewhat or much higher ROI than other initiatives, and 84% said ABM provided significant benefits to retaining and expanding client relationships.

Download our guide to learn how to get started with or evolve your existing ABM program and learn:

  • How to understand your targets
  • Various types of ABM approaches and which is right for your organization
  • How to apply a full funnel approach to ABM
  • Accurate measurement of the impact of your programs

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