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Tag : web design

CEO Interview: Proving and Improving ROI [Video]

BusinessOnline CEO Thad Kahlow talks about common challenges with data – how do we know what’s working and what’s not; and how to prove and IMPROVE campaign ROI. With two real-world examples of how RailEurope and Workday are able to connect user data from multiple sources to inform business insights and drive ROI. Hi, I’m […]

8 Key Layout and Design Principles to Keep Your Users Engaged

So your website has got it all. It’s flashy, findable, and you even have great pay-per-click ads bringing in a ton of traffic. However, if your visitors are having trouble navigating your site and can’t find what they’re looking for, you could be throwing huge opportunities out the window.

The Benefits of Usability and SEO – Why You Should Care About Both

As a web site owner, there are many investments that should be made in order to ensure your web site is both attractive to search engines and easy for users to navigate. Making the web site attractive to search engines involves a process commonly called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this process, there are numerous […]