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SLIDE DECK on Big Data: How to gather, analyze & react to drive Marketing ROI

Originally presented at SES Chicago, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

Thad Kahlow discusses combining the science and art of big data.Topics covered include: closing the loop and tracking awareness, engagement measuring, conversions to sale, deep-channel optimization, which data to use for customer segmentation, personalized messaging, and media targeting.

The Science:

  • How to use big data to close the loop and track awareness, engagement, and conversion all the way through to sale.
  • The top three marketing attribution models and how to identify the best one for you.
  • How to unite many interactions and data systems to uncover real value.

The Art:

  • Deep-channel optimization.
  • Getting to company-level attribution by identifying unknown visitors and creating opportunities and success metrics based on companies, not individuals.
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