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Rob Cataford of BusinessOnline to speak at SES San Francisco

BusinessOnline’s VP of Customer Intelligence, Rob Cataford, is slated to speak at SES San Francisco, August 13-17. Cataford’s session, scheduled for Wednesday, August 15 at 4 pm is titled “The B2B Data Challenge – Finally understand the true value and attribution of your digital marketing.” In addition to tips on how to understand the true […]

What does it take to ‘Close The Loop’? – Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the activities you’ll need to tie Marketing activities to revenue. In this brief video, Matt and I put budget numbers against this project and share a high-level ROI model. The figures presented here are obviously for example purposes only and are based on certain assumptions. But, they’re also based on experiences we’re having […]

What does it take to ‘Close The Loop’?

Tying Marketing activity to revenue is the Holy Grail – especially for you B2B folks. Closing that loop lets you optimize based on what really working throughout the sales funnel rather than just front-end indicators like visitors, registrations or downloads. But getting your web analytics, CRM, marketing automation and other data sources talking to each other can seem […]

Stop Letting Sales Get All The Credit!

Sick of the sales team getting a trophy while the marketing team fights for budget? It’s no fun. I’ve been there too. Many of our clients ask: “How do I demonstrate the value of marketing to my sales-driven CEO?” This is especially tricky for business-to-business (B2B) companies with products that are high-consideration and have a […]


Cisco Case Study: Predicting Purchase Behavior

Following on my recent post about how to act on data, let’s focus on the question “What will happen”. Michael Metz, Senior Director of Web Marketing and Strategy at Cisco, shows in this webinar how Cisco and BusinessOnline developed a multichannel engagement scoring model to predict customers’ purchase behavior. Specifically, by understanding how visitors to are […]

CEO Interview: Proving and Improving ROI [Video]

BusinessOnline CEO Thad Kahlow talks about common challenges with data – how do we know what’s working and what’s not; and how to prove and IMPROVE campaign ROI. With two real-world examples of how RailEurope and Workday are able to connect user data from multiple sources to inform business insights and drive ROI. Hi, I’m […]

Answer the Toughest Questions in Search Marketing [VideoBrief]

Advanced data analysis allows you to better optimize Search performance. We call it “Search Intelligence”. This brief video gives you a high-level sense of Search Intelligence. This is a new approach to Search Analytics that: ties Search activity with the entire sales funnel, allows you to analyze the full set of long tail keywords, and […]

How do I act on all this data??

“We’ve only just begun. There’s only going to be more data.” – Bradley Horowitz, VP, Product Management, Google “Big Data” may be the big thing. But you live in the real world. You’re frustrated when you try to deal with multiple data sources… it all seems really complex and expensive. Plus, you’re already swamped with […]

6 Techniques for Optimizing Your Local Search Business Profile

Claiming and validating local listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo! can drive high-quality, targeted traffic and help your site rank higher within in local search results. It’s possible that unclaimed local listings can sometimes outrank claimed listings, however it is vital to claim your business profiles considering it gives you complete control of what is […]

“Educate Girls, change the world”, a trip to Haiti.

“Sweetheart, I need to go to Haiti for a week to learn more about how educating girls can change the world.” A long pause ensues, as tears well up, and for a brief second I fantasize that they were for me- my safety or being missed…not remotely close…“I want to go-too!,” she proclaims. I know […]

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