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Meta Descriptions Still Very Important for SEO

Today I was reading an outstanding article about Meta Descriptions by Barry Welford and I thought I would share a couple more thoughts I have on the subject. In Barry’s article he mentions about the importance that description tags play in creating the snippets that the search engines display in the SERPs (search engine results […]

The SEO Blues – Free MP3 Music Download by Catfish

During the last 10 years of optimizing sites, I have come across a lot of circumstances that could only be described as “The SEO Blues”. *lol* So I finally decided to write a song about it. It’s called The SEO Blues. Everyday on my lunch I go to my band studio to eat and relax. […]

Top 5 Ways American Express is Losing Money on SEO

So before I slam American Express today for being clueless (stay tuned), let me recap my awesome weekend. Although I couldn’t play flag football this last weekend because of my elbow injury, I coached our squad (The Vultures) to an opening day 29 – 6 throttling of team Havoc. We are now 1 – 0 […]

8 Rules of Directory Submissions for SEO and Link Building

Recently a client of mine expressed reservation about submitting to search engine directories as a way to increase link popularity. They were concerned that a directory listing would look like a paid link to Google and that their listing would be seen as spam. That got me to thinking about all the misinformation on the […]

Subscribed Links Let Google Take Personalization to a New Level

I have to say that most of the time when something new and cool comes out in the world of SEO, most of the time it seems like it comes from Google (Yahoo site explorer not withstanding). The latest addition to Google that has all kinds of marketing potential is the new “Subscribed Links” feature. […]

Position 6 Penalty (Error) Confirmed by Matt Cutts of Google

Many Web masters have been noticing lately that their heretofore #1 or #2 listings had dropped to the #6 spot. This was reported consistently lately on blogs and forums by many Web masters. It’s always hard to tell which so called “penalties” or observations reported on these kinds of sites should be taken seriously or […]

301 Redirects and Marketing URLs

What a great Friday. First, it’s a three day weekend, which always makes it a great Friday. Second, I am about to watch the Chargers shock the world on Sunday and defeat the Evil Empire that is the New England Patriots. I predict 27 – 24 Chargers. and Third, I am going to the NAMM […]

The Top 5 Ways That Usability and SEO Work Together

Happy New Year! And what better way to start it than a San Diego Chargers victory over the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the playoffs last Sunday. As one of the 65,000 some odd fans that attended the game, I can tell you it was an amazing day for the community of San […]

Top 5 Lessons from the Death of Google Supplemental Results

Google Webmaster Blog announced yesterday that Google will soon eliminate the differences between how they search the main index and the supplemental index (results) for queries. Google maintains two separate indexes, the main index and the supplemental index. Until now, pages in the supplemental index had less opportunity to rank well for competitive phrases and […]

More Tips About Making AJAX SEO Friendly with the No Script Tag

Yesterday Benj wrote a great article about making AJAX SEO friendly. One of the recommendations he made was to “Solution 1: Serve Alternative Content” and he suggested that providing an alternative navigation to “actual pages on their own URLs that would load the same content as what would load in the AJAX links.” This SEO […]