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Online Marketing Budgets: Invest for Success

As marketers begin to better understand and reap the benefits of online marketing, a large pervasive gap remains between the results we are able to achieve through online marketing and the budget we allocate to these efforts.

Top 3 Reasons To Define Your Audience Using Personas

Companies today face a unique set of challenges when it comes to their online presence. With increased user-dependence on the web as a primary source of researching information, and the vast amount of resources and information available, it has become progressively more difficult for companies to successfully utilize this medium as a way to attract and engage prospects.


The Importance of Good Design

In recent years, the concept of design has lost some precedence to the hands of usability. This can be verified by countless conversations I have had with clients in which, while gathering feedback for the visual style of their website, I received responses to the likes of, “I want a professional website that is clean and easy to navigate.”

How Web 2.0 Can Enhance Your SEO

Over the last few years, Social Media and Web 2.0 technologies have commonly been associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO); however, for many people, the SEO benefit of these sites and technologies remains unclear. So what exactly can Social Media do for your SEO? More than you think.

SEM Overspending

In Pay per click advertising (PPC), people are constantly saying, “The more you can spend the better.” What most people don’t talk about is the point at which additional investment stop generating an equivalent incremental gain.

4 SEO Solutions For Flash

4 Solutions to SEO problems of using Flash Many of us has seen a website with Adobe® Flash®. It has attracted many website surfers every since Macromedia came out first with Shockwave® and then create a more lightweight version for the web, Flash. It’s main strength is the animation capabilities along with a strong scripting language […]

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PDFs in Google Search Results Showing “Author” and “Cited by” in Description Snippets

PDF’s Author Metadata in Google Search Results Looking into the first document in the sample SERP above deeper by opening the file in Adobe Acrobat and clicking on Document Properties this is what we get: Does PDF metadata have any significant effect on ranking? This is probably something we all need to test further to […]

Why a Top 10 Listing in Google Continues to Mean Less in SEO

So you’re thinking, Catfish you must have had way too much to drink at your birthday show Saturday night if you think that top 10 listings in Google are not important. Well I will plead the 5th on the extent of my celebration except to say I had a blast and I was very appreciative […]

5 Tips for Defining Your Own SEO Process

Having a consistent SEO process is critical for any SEO company as well as any SEO professional. By taking the time to write out a training manual for your employees (even if you haven’t hired any yet) you accomplish a couple different things. First, defining your SEO process allows you to be more consistent in […]


Build Links Fast! There Is No Penalty In Getting Many Links Quickly

Now just before I said that, I am already wearing my bulletproof vest armor and mask with my force field on just in case people slam me right away without reading. Links help in ranking Here are a few SEO fundamentals that are considered SEO facts already my a majority number of people in the […]