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Build A Website You Can Be Proud Of: Website Shopping 101

If you’re getting ready to kick off a new website project then please keep reading. Consider this your homework before your homework. What I want to do is arm you with direction, something which your web agency is going to be asking of you in the weeks and months ahead.

Video Sharing: Get Your Feet Wet Without Soaking Up All Your Budget

As a consultant, often times my job is to make technology a non-issue. I’m not explicitly asked for it, but hidden within your questions and comments is a yearning need to find simple ways to hop aboard the social media train without requiring such heavy investments in time and money. This is particularly important during a time of declining budgets.

Using Twitter as a Business Tool

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Described as a “micro-blogging” platform, Twitter allows users to answer the question, “What are you doing right now?” and broadcast the answer to their Twitter followers (friends) in a short text message of up to 140 characters. It’s seemingly simple design and application has taken the social media community by storm.

Conversion Rate: The Most Powerful Metric of All

Every website is created with a purpose, and for most, there is more than one. Whether your site goals are to sell products, generate leads, or provide services, it is crucial that you measure and prioritize the most important conversion points.

3 Top Ways Blogging Enhances Your SEO Campaign

There are a number of reasons why any company should consider blogging. The social media opportunities, networking opportunities and ability to enhance brand reputation are all compelling reasons to participate in blogging. Often times however, these benefits are hard to quantify in a way that illustrates the ROI that is achieved through blogging. Fortunately, blogging […]

Improving Business Decisions with Analytics

Depending on whom you ask, web analytics can have a wide variety of definitions but is ultimately focused on a single goal: understanding the online experience such that it can be improved.

SEO on JavaScript Lightbox JS Content

Lightbox JS was popularized by Lokesh Dhakar where he made a nice friendly degradable JavaScript function where thumbnails can be linked to their larger images but load dynamically using JavaScript in a separate <div> box that loads in an animated manner. Many webmasters have adapted this and users like it too since there are no […]


Extending Your Brand Experience in an Online World

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what you’re selling, today your customers are more connected and savvy than ever before – with a simple click they have infinite amounts of information at their fingertips.

Online Marketing Budgets: Invest for Success

As marketers begin to better understand and reap the benefits of online marketing, a large pervasive gap remains between the results we are able to achieve through online marketing and the budget we allocate to these efforts.

Top 3 Reasons To Define Your Audience Using Personas

Companies today face a unique set of challenges when it comes to their online presence. With increased user-dependence on the web as a primary source of researching information, and the vast amount of resources and information available, it has become progressively more difficult for companies to successfully utilize this medium as a way to attract and engage prospects.