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Optimize Your Social Bookmarking Campaign

Bookmark is web terminology that originates from web browsers. Netscape first used the term to refer to all the webpage URLs you would save and then access anytime without typing access anytime without typing in long URLs.

International Keyword Optimization

I was born in Switzerland – a country that has 4 official languages and uses English as the primary business language. So, as you can imagine, verbal communication has played a prevalent role in my life. I’ve always been fascinated with how a single language can differ so greatly from one country to another.

Less Documentation, More Prototyping

It seems these days the characteristics of a website are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And, with sophistication, there is an inherent need for more collaboration and documentation, which can increase delivery times and costs. It doesn’t have to.

Build a Business Case for International Search Marketing

Many websites fail to take into account their international audience. Only 31% of the world speaks English as their primary language and many international searchers search with their native tongue, even if they also speak English; however, most businesses focus their optimization on one specific search engine or one primary language.

My Site Looks Great…But it Still Doesn’t Work!

This past year, I’ve been approached by numerous people asking me to “tear apart” their website because they know “something’s wrong with it” or it’s “broken.” Most of the time, the situation involves a recently launched website that is not meeting expectations or success metrics. Each individual is usually left feeling confused and defeated. With all the time and money invested, most are reluctant – but still willing – to start over from scratch. Sound familiar?

Designing For Your Users, Not Your Stakeholders

Design is subjective. While one person may love the shiny metallic teal of a new compact car, another may find it appalling. The same goes for websites. Your design agency might create what they think is the next greatest online masterpiece, but it might look nothing like what you want.

The Right Techniques & Attitudes for Local SEO

Building Your Local Reputation Online Step 3: Participate in Online Local Community As mentioned in our previous blog post about blog comment strategy, participating in online community that is relevant to your business and industry is a key way to increase your online visibility. Blog comment strategy was discussed as a way to build relevant links […]

Exploring Google Blog Features for Local Business Listings

BusinessOnLine Local Search Wednesday Series: Part 2 Step 2: Registering Your Business for Google Local Business Center Last week, I began this series by stressing the importance of local keyword research. This week, let’s talk about how to use those local keywords when you add your business listing in Google Local Business Center. Claiming your […]

How to Get Your Business Listed in Local Search Engines

The Three Things You Can Do to Increase Offline Traffic: Part 1 You might have heard about local search as a buzz word, and wondered what it meant exactly or how it differs from traditional SEO in developing an online marketing strategy or an SEO implementation process. In this BusinessOnLine‘s Local Search Wednesday series for […]

Show Some Personality

Last November, just before the 2008 presidential election, Rick Davis, Senator John McCain’s Campaign Manager, declared that the winner of the campaign will be based on personality.