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Insights from HubSpot’s User Group Summit: CRO, Forms & Video Content

Hubspot held their 2017 summit in San Diego recently with several amazing guest speakers. The in-depth talks ranged from conversion optimization, developing video content, and paid advertising strategies in Facebook and Instagram. Here’s a few quick tips that you can use to improve your marketing this year.

Manufacturing Dashboards: Why Visualizing Data is Important for Manufacturers

In today’s world, data is everywhere. It’s easier than ever to collect data, and there is an ever-expanding collection of platforms on which to record it. But gleaning insights and making business decisions off of data that is represented in rows and columns is archaic and inadvisable. That is why many business use dashboards to visualize their data in different ways, allowing decision-makers to spot trends and patterns more quickly and clearly than through simple spreadsheets. There is no business or industry that can’t benefit from visualizing their data, but Manufacturers are the one group that can’t survive without it. For manufacturers churning out hundreds of thousands of products per day, a 0.5% change in operations could potentially mean a savings or cost of thousands—or even millions—of dollars.

Calculate Your Digital Marketing ROI

One of the most common and difficult to solve issues B2B marketers face is proving the outcome of their efforts. We are increasingly tasked with driving more than just leads and awareness. In fact, many of us are now responsible for delivering impact on business goals like sales pipeline and revenue. But fewer than 20% […]

B2B Marketing Trends for 2017

As we shake off the champagne hangovers and get rocking on our 2017 marketing plans, a number of trends have emerged that will shape the way we go about our marketing efforts for clients this year and beyond.  Digital marketing as a whole is constantly changing, and we’re relied upon on a daily basis to […]

Leveraging 3rd Party Data to Drive Marketing Results

Data by itself has limited value, but when properly managed it becomes a strategic asset and a competitive advantage. The combination of new data collection methods, better analytics tools and easier to use B.I. systems enables analysts, marketers and executives to make better decisions and build holistic data-driven strategies. Blending first party data with external […]

Top 5 Marketing Challenges in Manufacturing

The landscape for marketing has changed – and manufacturers are starting to feel that change. With more than 70% of the B2B buyer’s journey taking place pre-sales (the majority of which is in the digital space), marketers have the growing challenge of capturing prospect attention in an ever-evolving digital world. In a co-sponsored survey between […]

BusinessOnline Holds First Digital Marketing Summit for Manufacturers

The first edition of The Digital Marketing Summit for Manufacturers is in the books! The day focused on thought leadership and discussion around true return on digital marketing investments, as well as insights into trends within the manufacturing space. The event, which was hosted by BusinessOnline and held on November 15th in Chicago at the […]

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and How Businesses Can Capitalize On It

  With the growth of wearable technology such as FitBits, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a part of everyday life. But what role does it play in the B2B world? The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is less understood. As this area of business technology grows so does the capacity for businesses to […]

Q&A with New President of BusinessOnline, Matt Lee

BusinessOnline recently announced the promotion of Matt Lee to President, after serving as Senior Vice President for the 6 years prior.  Matt originally came to BOL with a technology and engineering background, and has been instrumental in making analytics and data-driven marketing a focal point of BOL’s offerings.  Shortly after his promotion, the BOL marketing […]

BusinessOnline Recognized as Top SEO Consultant

There are plenty of digital agencies these days that claim they’re different than the rest, and it can be difficult for clients to identify those that really have the expertise and talent to help them achieve their goals and objectives. Whether you’re a B2B manufacturer looking to dip your toes in digital marketing or you’re […]