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Why “Funnel” and “Lead” Aren’t Right for B2B

Post by Richard Roberts previously published on ClickZ.

It’s time to Retire the ‘Funnel’ – B2B Customer Relationships Call for New Marketing Approach

b2beacon-cbjknotIntroducing a new approach to B2B Digital Marketing: The Company Buying Journey, or CBJ for short. Rather than a funnel the CBJ takes on a Celtic knot shape, incorporating four key phases of B2B customer relationships: Explore, Evaluate, Purchase and Experience.

The CBJ has a significant leg up on the outdated ‘funnel’ or ‘lead’ marketing methods due it’s focus on anticipating and meeting the needs of your customers, at every level of the buying journey.

Read more about the Company Buying Journey here.

The Company Buying Journey was developed as part of — a new educational initiative from BusinessOnline in collaboration with ClickZ and 30 leaders in digital marketing.