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Big Data and B2B at SES Chicago



Day 2, Wednesday, Nov 6 – 10:45AM-11:45AM CDT:


Thad Kahlow, CEO of BusinessOnline, talked about Big Data on Day 2, Wednesday, Nov 6, Day 2 at 10:45AM-11:45AM CDT. The session took place in the Business Intelligence track, titled “Big Data Uncovered: How to Gather, Analyze, and React to New Customer Behavior”. Thad joined Kevin Lee, CEO of Didit.

In this session they combined the science and art of big data to help you get started and shows you which approach is right for your company. The topics included: closing the loop and tracking awareness, engagement measuring, conversions to sale , deep-channel optimization, which data to use for customer segmentation, personalized messaging, and media targeting.



Day 3, Thursday, Nov 7 – 10:45AM-11:45AM CDT:


BusinessOnline Senior Vice President, Richard Roberts, moderated the Integrated track “B2B is Different – Brand Marketers Share Data-Driven Strategies That Get Results”. On On Thursday, Nov 7, Day 3 they discussed long lead cycles, sales-driven organizations, and constant market interruptions that cause pain for B2B marketers. The panel of innovative B2B marketers; Stephan Brisard, Director of Product Marketing at Mitchell International, Kevin Espinosa, Social Media Manager at Caterpillar Inc., and Stephanie Gassen, Manager – Commercial Marketing at TDS Telecommunications Corp. shared how their companies leverage digital data to overcome challenges, build customer relationships and prove marketing ROI.