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Rob Cataford of BusinessOnline to speak at SES San Francisco

BusinessOnline’s VP of Customer Intelligence, Rob Cataford, is slated to speak at SES San Francisco,
August 13-17. Cataford’s session, scheduled for Wednesday, August 15 at 4 pm is titled “The B2B Data Challenge – Finally understand the true value and attribution of your digital marketing.”

In addition to tips on how to understand the true value of your marketing in the B2B world, Cataford will explain to attendees how to measure success based on the whole sales funnel, how to aggregate metrics from individuals at the company level (seeing all influencers), and measure the success of marketing campaigns and assets based on their intent. Attendees will also benefit from seeing these concepts applied in a specific case study to optimize digital marketing, re-market, support sales and influence campaign development.

The conference kicks off with “Business Optimization in a Digital Age” presented by Keynote Speaker, Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google. Laura Roth’s SES Preview highlights many more sessions on Big Data and optimization and focus on optimizing for B2B – check out Laura’s preview.

    Rob’s deck is now available on our Slideshare channel
    and will be available soon on the SES   website.