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ON DEMAND: How To Put Marketing Metrics and Attribution To Work For You

dmr2If you missed the Digital Marketing Remix Webinar “Putting B2B Marketing Metrics and Attribution to Work for You.” You can catch the recording by clicking on VIEW NOW button below. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to utilize B2B metrics and attribution models to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing spending.

Rich Roberts from BusinessOnline, Meagan Eisenberg from DocuSign, David Karel from Bizo and Sean Callahan from Digital Marketing Remix address how Marketers everywhere are being challenged to assess ROI for each and every one of their marketing investments. They know last-click attribution doesn’t work: It doesn’t account for how display, email, search, social and other digital tactics all work together to drive prospects through the marketing funnel. So what is working?

You will be asked to provide name and email to access the free On Demand webinar. Thanks & enjoy!

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