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Cisco Case Study: Predicting Purchase Behavior

Following on my recent post about how to act on data, let’s focus on the question “What will happen”.

Michael Metz, Senior Director of Web Marketing and Strategy at Cisco, shows in this webinar how Cisco and BusinessOnline developed a multichannel engagement scoring model to predict customers’ purchase behavior.

Specifically, by understanding how visitors to are interacting with Cisco across multiple channels, we can accurately know where Cisco’s prospects are in the sales funnel and predict what, when and how much they’re going to buy. We then use this information to:

  • Identify where buyers are in the purchase cycle
  • Drive personalization
  • Inform marketing automation efforts
  • Provide the Sales team with priority prospect customer lists, by individual or by company.

This in turn converts more visitors into qualified leads and converts more leads into customers. 

Michael and Amanda explain how they use Adobe Insight to analyze customer interactions with Cisco’s website, email campaigns, events, and contact center. With insights gained from this analysis Michael’s team knows a company’s propensity to buy based on changing engagement patterns. This information allows the marketing and sales teams to influence content strategy – directing targeted messaging to prospective customers at crucial points in the buying cycle.

00:08 – Meet the experts
02:06 – Case Study: Cisco Inc.
02:29 – Predicting customer behavior
05:13 – The digital fingerprint
06:31 – analytics
08:35 – Shorten the sales cycle
09:39 – Scoring & predictive modeling
11:55 – What is engagement scoring
20:39 – Targeting on
21:31 – Cisco’s click to chat
22:37 – Sales intelligence alerts
31:33 – Predictive validation
36:21 – 3 action items