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Free Call-To-Action Overlays, One More Reason to Promote your Videos on YouTube

YouTube’s “Promoted Videos” tool has allowed many marketers to stand out among the thousands upon thousands of videos flooding the web. Keyword-based targeting gives you control over which search terms trigger your video promotion and you only pay only when someone clicks to watch your video.

What many people may not be aware of is that when you sign up on YouTube for a Promoted Video account, agree to the Google AdWords Advertising Policies and get accepted, you’ll be able to utilize a free, extra feature called, “Call-to-Action Overlay.” This exciting feature allows you to add call-to-action overlays on all of your “promoted videos” on YouTube. This call-to-action will only remain active for the duration of your Promoted Video campaign and it will not be a permanent feature of your video.

The overlay only appears for the first ten seconds of the video and can be closed by the user. You can use this overlay to tell the user more information about your company, the content of your video or to promote your other videos, YouTube Channel or even other websites. When a user clicks the call-to-action overlay, they will be taken to your external website’s landing page of your choice – which is specified in the overlay’s destination URL (shown below). Although I believe that this is a JavaScript Link, and the link will not pass any page rank, you will still have a new opportunity to get valuable traffic to any page of your external website. I do suggest that you track these links with whatever analytics platform you are currently using so that you can see this new traffic. Before it gets posted live, there may be a short delay while YouTube reviews your overlay to make sure you are adhering to the Google AdWords Advertising Policies.

To Create a Call-To-Action overlay for your Video follow these 6 simple steps below:

  1. Sign into your YouTube Account at
  2. Click “Account” at the top of your YouTube dashboard.
  3. Click “Uploaded Videos” under “My Videos”
  4. Click “Edit” next to the video that you want to create your call-to-action overlay on.
  5. Fill in all of the required fields under “Call –To-Action Overlay”
  6. When you have finished making all the changes to your video, click “Save Changes”


Remember, in order to have the call-to-action-overlay, you will need to apply for the Promoted Video campaign.  There is nowhere that states what the magic number of views, subscribers, or posted videos are required before an account will be accepted by YouTube, but I would wait a while for your account to age and gain some trust from YouTube before applying for the program. If you do not get accepted it will take another 3 months until YouTube will let you reapply.

If you believe that your YouTube channel has been well established, apply today and start increasing video views with the help of Call-To- Action Overlays.

Happy Tubing!!!