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How Your Content Strategy Should Affect Your SEO Expectations

BusinessOnline’s Director of SEO, Catfish Comstock, recently authored an article for Search Engine Watch that explores the importance of a company’s content strategy as it relates to their SEO expectations. These are┬ásome important considerations for anyone trying to improve their keyword rankings for highly competitive keywords.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I could get them a No. 1 Google ranking for a specific non-branded, hyper-competitive keyword, I would be rich. If I had a dollar for the number of times the people asking me that question actually had the content to warrant such a listing, I would be poor.

Many digital marketing folks, especially in enterprise B2B companies, don’t quite understand the relationship between content and SEO. It’s long been said in SEO circles that content is king. However, some SEO folks would argue that links or social engagement is king, and that content is the primary driver of links and social success. There are valid arguments on all sides of that meaningless debate, but the point that often gets lost is that creating the best user experience for the vast majority of people searching for a specific keyword is probably what’s going to get you ranked consistently for that keyword…..”

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