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CEO of BusinessOnline, Thad Kahlow, speaking at SES Conference San Fran

BusinessOnline CEO, Thad Kahlow, is scheduled to speak at SES San Francisco.   “Beyond the Last Click : Smart Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling” will be in the Business Intelligence track that takes place on Wednesday, Sept 11, Day 1 of the conference at 11:45 AM.

As revealed in a recent  IBM CEO Study, today’s CEOs believe nothing is more important than customer relationships.   So, how do we foster those relationships? The best way is to build relationships at scale by leveraging your data. Proper attribution is imperative to understanding what is generating success for your customers.

Joining Thad on the panel will be Premal Shah, VP Strategy for Chango. The panel will discuss different types of attribution models, outcomes of successful attribution, the case for and against View Through attribution, and easy ways to get started.

Please visit the SES Website to register and check out the agenda here.

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