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WEBINAR: Solving Advanced Enterprise SEO Challenges with seoClarity


Mitul Gandhi, founder of seoClarity and BusinessOnline Director of Search Marketing Ray “Catfish” Comstock discuss how to solve for advanced SEO challenges specific to enterprise organizations.   Catfish describes the methodologies BusinessOnline uses to solve for these specific enterprise search challenges and how the seoClarity tool offers unique solutions for challenges such as:

Technical  Challenges

  • Huge number of pages (100,000+)
  • Hard to Understand Current State
  • Hard to Track Historical Changes
  • Hard to React Quickly to Changes

Human Challenges

  • Large Number of Team Members & Business Units
  • Poor Communication between Marketing and IT
  • Lack of Standardized Reporting

Integration Challenges

  • Lack of Data Integration at Traffic and Rankings
  • Complex / Multiple CMS Systems
  • Multiple Regions and/or Languages