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Acquia Video – Drupal Gardens Preview

I’ve recently watched an Acquia Webinar, Preview of Drupal Gardens – “15 Minutes from Design to Online”; essentially its a video covering a live demo and simple in-depth understanding of Drupal Gardens purpose to potential users.

Topics covered in the Webinar:

  • Drupal 7 is the core and quick summary
  • Drupal Gardens purpose and usage
  • Live demo on Drupal Gardens (Beta)
  • Coming horizon for Drupal Gardens

Key Take Aways

  • Drupal 7 Usability factor makes Drupal Garden easier and better to use
  • Drupal Garden is a great tool or outlet for quick site building for MicroSites
    • Perishable Sites
    • Benefit to what type of sites?
      • Artist Sites
      • Campaigns & Promotions
      • Department, Faculty – mini education / information sites
      • Etc.
  • Social and Community Benefit
    • Single Sign-on – Drupal Garden Login works throughout all Drupal Garden sites
    • Build Social Community
    • Blogging
  • Building & Consistency
    • Used to build quick sites 
      • Also capability to create multiple microsites
    • Tools that will build the site quickly, consistently, and with ease (no advanced coding knowledge needed)
      • Theme Builder
      • WSYWIG Editor / Edit in place feature
      • Edit in Place
  • Hosted Service
    • Consistent Security & up-to-date
    • Theme Library
    • Community Enforced
  • Coming Horizon
    • Custom URLs ( – $11.99 /year) – service to have your own domain name instead of the sub-domain
    • Managing multisites
    • Multisite Search
    • Analytics
    • Export capability to move your site to own Drupal system / host easily

Overall Drupal Gardens will be a great and essential tool for many people who need to quickly build out a site for campaigning, educating, and releasing information. Drupal Gardens has a great system in place for non-Drupal and Frist-Time site building users. The amount of time and understanding to build your own site is simple and direct; eliminating the factor of having to really know any site developing knowledge (definitely check out the live demo in the Webinar). The other aspect of Drupal Gardens is to build your social network and community with ease, allowing Single sign-on throughout Drupal Garden sites and a super charged blogging, allows quick access and action for Drupal Garden users.