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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Customer Testimonial Videos

Here are the 5 reasons why your brand needs customer testimonial videos …

1.) Increase brand awareness

2.) User generated and peer reviewed content is trusted and influences purchasing intent

3.) Calls to action inspire and motivate consumers to interact with your brand

4.) Reinforces brand loyalty and helps inspire brand advocates

5.) Increases site traffic

These days more and more companies use video to gain traction online and garner attention from their constituent…the consumer. After watching a webinar outlining the latest trends in use of online videos, I started thinking about applying this concept to my clients. The webinar focused on the impact of customer testimonials and identified the impact such videos have, particularly when the video covers the consumer’s purchasing process and experience with the product or service. Each of these videos was short, concise and informative. They were a minute and thirty seconds long in length and gave a strong call to action within the first fifteen to twenty seconds of the video.brand-awareness-300x211

Recent research has shown that 60% of users only watch the first 30 seconds of a video. By placing a non-invasive call to action in the beginning of the video, it ensures that the user will at least get to see the call to action even if they bounce relatively quickly. The call to action should be appealing and illicit a positive response from the viewer. Think of these short videos as small appetizers and not large meals. We all know how much we like grabbing appetizers as little snacks. This will not only create buzz around your company’s brand, but it will also create fresh content related to your product. Subsequently, this content also has a positive impact on search and is social media friendly; so the inherent viral nature is built into the content and media form.

Another reason that customer testimonials work so well is because the trust factor among potential consumers is higher due to the peer review and endorsement. Positive endorsements from peers are easily relatable and highlight how a product solved a problem or enhanced someone’s life. As a viewer we watch these videos and say, “…that’s me. That’s exactly what I need.”

Videos also have the capacity to go viral because of the media form. Videos that are emotive, informative and of value can create buzz about your brand that can spread like wild fire. Distributing these videos to social networks such as YouTube and Facebook as well as having them live on your site can increase brand awareness.

Film-Reel-300x225According to Forrester Research, videos are 50 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results in Google ( The more places users can find your video, the more chances it will show up on the first page of Google, so posting them on social media channels will also help you rank in the search engines. With that said, videos provide users with an easily locatable and consumable media form that can be shared and engaged. So if your company is serious about converting prospects into customers, then you should definitely add customer testimonials to your marketing mix.