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The SEO Blues – Free MP3 Music Download by Catfish

During the last 10 years of optimizing sites, I have come across a lot of circumstances that could only be described as “The SEO Blues”. *lol* So I finally decided to write a song about it. It’s called The SEO Blues. Everyday on my lunch I go to my band studio to eat and relax. Fortunately it’s only about 10 minutes from work. I wrote this song over the last couple weeks and today I decided to record it on my iPod. There are a couple mistakes on the guitar but I only had time for one take. I hope everyone enjoys it. I think its kinda funny. I am sure many people can relate to the theme. *LOL* Just click on the player below to listen to the song or download the SEO Blues mp3 file. Maybe someday I’ll do a video 😉

Download The SEO Blues