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Ray "Catfish" Comstock

POV: Google’s Hummingbird Update

On September 26th Google officially announced the rollout of their new search algorithm, Hummingbird, which had been live for at least 30 days. The Hummingbird update is designed to better understand and respond to User Intent as well as further support and develop conversational-based search.  It is important because it changes the way the algorithm […]

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POV: Google Keyword (not provided)

Google’s recent changes make performance reporting less accurate. SEOs and Marketers no longer have the raw data that we once used to measure SEO results and we recognize that we will need to use different KPIs and trending metrics to approximate the data that is now lost. What does this mean for our industry? Read more here…

One of my favorite sites for the latest news in SEO is . The site is run by Danny Sullivan, formerly of (where incidentally I will be writing a column soon, stay tuned for details). But one of the things (or should I say some of the things) I have noticed about Search […]

3 Top Ways Blogging Enhances Your SEO Campaign

There are a number of reasons why any company should consider blogging. The social media opportunities, networking opportunities and ability to enhance brand reputation are all compelling reasons to participate in blogging. Often times however, these benefits are hard to quantify in a way that illustrates the ROI that is achieved through blogging. Fortunately, blogging […]

Why a Top 10 Listing in Google Continues to Mean Less in SEO

So you’re thinking, Catfish you must have had way too much to drink at your birthday show Saturday night if you think that top 10 listings in Google are not important. Well I will plead the 5th on the extent of my celebration except to say I had a blast and I was very appreciative […]

5 Tips for Defining Your Own SEO Process

Having a consistent SEO process is critical for any SEO company as well as any SEO professional. By taking the time to write out a training manual for your employees (even if you haven’t hired any yet) you accomplish a couple different things. First, defining your SEO process allows you to be more consistent in […]


Mystery of the Viewstate Variable – Does It Really Affect SEO?

One of the more interesting questions that has emerged recently in the world of SEO is the mystery of the Viewstate variable. This handy little invention of Microsoft’s twisted mind allows form users to recapture data they had previously typed in a form in the event that they hit the back button after already submitting […]

4 SEO Tips for Improving Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Having an ongoing search engine optimization strategy is essential for any successful SEO campaign. And there is a big difference between SEO strategy and SEO techniques. I define SEO techniques as the actions that one takes to optimize a certain segment of a Web site. So in other words, having keyword focused title tags, changing […]

Meta Descriptions Still Very Important for SEO

Today I was reading an outstanding article about Meta Descriptions by Barry Welford and I thought I would share a couple more thoughts I have on the subject. In Barry’s article he mentions about the importance that description tags play in creating the snippets that the search engines display in the SERPs (search engine results […]

The SEO Blues – Free MP3 Music Download by Catfish

During the last 10 years of optimizing sites, I have come across a lot of circumstances that could only be described as “The SEO Blues”. *lol* So I finally decided to write a song about it. It’s called The SEO Blues. Everyday on my lunch I go to my band studio to eat and relax. […]