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Christopher Hebron

Insert Drupal blocks/views into node content easily

Have you always wanted to move that Drupal block or view over into the content, but always felt it might be difficult to do so? Well if you didn’t know already, there are modules that will do just that. Those two modules are Insert Block and Insert View. Both modules provide an easy short syntax […]

Acquia Video – Drupal Gardens Preview

I’ve recently watched an Acquia Webinar, Preview of Drupal Gardens – “15 Minutes from Design to Online”; essentially its a video covering a live demo and simple in-depth understanding of Drupal Gardens purpose to potential users. Topics covered in the Webinar: Drupal 7 is the core and quick summary Drupal Gardens purpose and usage Live […]

How Many Links is Too Many? In Some Cases, Just Two.

BusinessOnLine recently conducted in-depth SEO testing to understand how Google reads and weighs internal links. Through this process, we have verified that Google only considers the “first links” and ignores the rest. Despite the name, a “first link” is not necessarily the first link appearing on a web page…

More to Keywords Than Meets the Eye

If you’ve ever created a search analytics dashboard, you probably included a few rectangular slots dedicated to the “top 10 referring keywords”. It is such a commonly used metric that a dashboard seems incomplete without it. But, as an analyst, I question whether it generates any actionable insight, or helps to drive an effective SEO strategy.

International Keyword Optimization

I was born in Switzerland – a country that has 4 official languages and uses English as the primary business language. So, as you can imagine, verbal communication has played a prevalent role in my life. I’ve always been fascinated with how a single language can differ so greatly from one country to another.

Less Documentation, More Prototyping

It seems these days the characteristics of a website are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And, with sophistication, there is an inherent need for more collaboration and documentation, which can increase delivery times and costs. It doesn’t have to.

Build a Business Case for International Search Marketing

Many websites fail to take into account their international audience. Only 31% of the world speaks English as their primary language and many international searchers search with their native tongue, even if they also speak English; however, most businesses focus their optimization on one specific search engine or one primary language.

My Site Looks Great…But it Still Doesn’t Work!

This past year, I’ve been approached by numerous people asking me to “tear apart” their website because they know “something’s wrong with it” or it’s “broken.” Most of the time, the situation involves a recently launched website that is not meeting expectations or success metrics. Each individual is usually left feeling confused and defeated. With all the time and money invested, most are reluctant – but still willing – to start over from scratch. Sound familiar?

Designing For Your Users, Not Your Stakeholders

Design is subjective. While one person may love the shiny metallic teal of a new compact car, another may find it appalling. The same goes for websites. Your design agency might create what they think is the next greatest online masterpiece, but it might look nothing like what you want.

Show Some Personality

Last November, just before the 2008 presidential election, Rick Davis, Senator John McCain’s Campaign Manager, declared that the winner of the campaign will be based on personality.